Layers Squared clothing is all designed and produced in-studio in Bend, Oregon.

The pieces exude a smart fusion of intriguing and clever design elements, artistic significance, and a well-planned fit.
They are all poised timelessly, proving to be just as treasured in your wardrobe with each new season.

We use all natural, plant-based fibers including: linen, cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, rayon, hemp, soy and silk (from spiders). When blended together, or sometimes alone, we benefit from the luxurious, soft, yet durable qualities of these materials. Besides the occasional 2% - 5% spandex blended with these natural fibers, we DO NOT use any synthetic fibers in our construction.

All materials are PRE-SHRUNK in the studio before constructed to eliminate any shrinkage when you purchase your garment, and to soften the material from any sizing agents used during fabric manufacturing.